What is a Personal Breakthrough Session?

A Personal Breakthrough Session is a sequence of super charged intensive coaching sessions one-on-one with Sharon.

It is a quick way to achieve the important, compelling, meaningful changes in yourself, your relationships and your business that you have desired for way too long.

Sharon is renowned for her strategies for accelerated psychological and neurological transformations.

Personal Breakthrough Sessions are client specific. You work on the personal changes that are important to you. The changes that you want to make in yourself and to effect changes in your life and business.

Sharon will work closely with you to achieve your desired outcome even if you are unsure of the direction you want to accelerate in.

There may be areas where you are already very successful. You may however have an area that you would like to become more successful. A Personal Breakthrough Session allows you the opportunity to change the areas that you require greater success.

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What does a Personal Breakthrough Session help with?


    • Achieve major performance enhancement.
    • Help with increased sales and client retention.
    • Move you out of a ‘plateau’ or ‘sluggish period’ you find yourself in.
    • Clear unresolved issues, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, fears and phobias.
    • Move you out of depression and other negative ‘stuck’ states like procrastination.
    • Remove chronic pain.
    • Set a compelling future.
    • Improve health, fitness and wellbeing.
    • Get clarity and direction.
    • Develop a sense of inner balance and self-acceptance.

What other things does a Personal Breakthrough Session achieve?


    • Increase self confidence
    • Increase work performance
    • Increase motivation
    • Initiate quick and (correct) decision making
    • Improves self-management
    • Improves time management
    • Improves concentration
    • Re-establishes and reinvigorates personal relationships

What People are saying about Sharon’s personal Breakthrough Session

A Personal Breakthrough Session will help you:

    • Stop smoking
    • Stop bad habits like nail biting, picking or other habits which you wish to eliminate.
    • Lose weight
    • Portion Control
    • Gain Confidence
    • Stop eating a particular food
    • Increase Income
    • Increase Performance
    • Increase Sexuality and Sex Drive
    • Build relationships

A Personal Breakthrough Session will allow you to let go of:

    • Anger
    • Sadness
    • Fear
    • Hurt
    • Guilt
    • Frustration
    • Annoyance
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Chronic Pain

What are the Breakthrough Sessions?

1. Detailed Personal History

Questions to Your Unconscious Mind to discover what negative emotions and limiting beliefs are holding you back.

2. Pain Paradigm

Release any long-term chronic pain from your neck or back etc. reducing pain from 10/10 to 0/10.

3. Release Negative Emotions

Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt

These negative emotions that are unjustified or unwarranted are released.

4. Release Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs that are affecting your life, money earning, business growth, relationships, and partner attraction. Limiting beliefs are what stories we may have been told or what stories we have told ourselves. Some examples of limiting beliefs are “I’m not good enough,” “I will never have enough money,” and “No one will ever love me.”

5. Values Elicitation & Hierarchy

What’s important to you?

Re-alignment of your Values to get you out of a stuck state and take daily action based on your priorities.

6. Set new beliefs and positive suggestions to move you forward

What do you want to focus on? This makes it easy for you.

7. Set a Compelling Future

Set your goals and recalibrate your future.

Outcomes that Sharon’s clients have achieved:

    • Dramatic increase of income
    • Happiness
    • Excitement about the future
    • Motivation
    • Clarity
    • Relationship saved
    • Increase in love and sexuality
    • Found love again and is in a new relationship
    • Pain free body and can now exercise
    • Reduction and discontinuance in prescribed medication
    • Stopped overeating and had control over portion sizes
    • Stopped biting their nails and no longer needs acrylic nails

A Personal Breakthrough Session will also cover:

    • Elicit your Values in different areas of your life.
    • Evaluate your Values Hierarchy
    • Align your Values to meet your desired outcomes and bring congruency to your actions to achieve your goals.
    • Create goals and design a compelling future easily achievable

Why do I need a Personal Breakthrough Session?

    • If you are thinking to yourself there is something not quite right in a particular area of your life or business.
    • If you are not satisfied with your life.
    • You know there is more that you can achieve but you have worked hard with little result.
    • You have been in the same place (or even going backwards) for a while now.
    • You want to make a dramatic change in your life or business but haven’t been able to ‘take the plunge’.
    • You have had Significant Life Events that you feel you have not let go of and need to.
    • You know you are more then your current behaviours or situation.
    • If you want new resources, strategies and new perspectives.

What Outcomes have Sharon’s Clients Experienced

Corrin Pascoe
Eyelash Extension Institute
Completed a full Personal Breakthrough Session and had amazing results

Sharon completely changed my business. She helped me get to that elusive six figure income. I’ve been maintaining and exceeding that ever since then. She helped me with a big client that I had coming in . I truly believe that it was with Sharon’s help that I did win that job, which was a huge project. She really can help take your business to different levels.

– Tina

Sharon helped me see blockages that I didn’t even know were there, that I didn’t know existed. She helped me clear them. I’ve been procrastinating for the last 16 to 17 years since I left school over what I wanted to do with my life and the career path that I wanted to take.

In the first phone call within the first 30 minutes, Sharon asked me questions that helped me see what I was doing, what I was thinking, and where I needed to go, and what I needed to deal with. And I can’t believe just in those four phone calls, so much has happened so much has changed. I feel awesome. I feel amazing. I’m so excited. Thank you so much.

So many more opportunities have come my way. I just can’t believe it. And I cannot thank you enough, and I cannot recommend you highly enough. So thank you so much.

– Kayla

My Personal Breakthrough Session with Sharon Jurd was fantastic, I am now very focused on what is important to me. My unconscious mind is now working for me instead of against me. I have new goals and my general happiness is upbeat and positive. I highly recommend this therapy.
– Bob

How Long is a
Personal Breakthrough Session?

This very much depends on your presenting problem and your desired outcomes. It can be from 5 – 15 hours spread over a number of sessions. First two sessions are 2 hours long then usually hourly after that. You will receive the sessions that are needed to clear, redesign and tidy up in all areas required. No extra cost for extra time.

Why should I choose Sharon?

Sharon prides herself on delivering tremendous value with consistent and unwavering support. Whatever you are struggling with Sharon will work with you to achieve your highest goals and outcomes. 100% of Sharon’s clients have experienced massive transformations and undeniable results that were never achieved on their own. Sharon’s extensive training and experience has accelerated the lives of many people all over the world making her a sought-after Master Coach and Trainer.

What do I do if I want a Personal Breakthrough Session?

Just click on the green button below that says ‘click here’. This will get you started immediately on changing your life easily and effortlessly. Our team will contact you to organise your first session where you will immediately see the changes of a better life and business.



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